Seeds of agricultural crops

We offer over 120 varieties of agricultural crops that are widely recognized and widely used by farmers.

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Hodowla Roślin Smolice is a Polish seed and breeding company. Our main activity is breeding modern varieties of agricultural plants. The company also produces top quality seeds of its varieties, which are sent to the best seed companies for further reproduction and to distribution networks throughout the country and abroad. The talented breeding staff, a wide range of varieties, professionalism in seed production and transparent rules of cooperation make the company one of the most reliable leaders on the seed market in Poland.

We look to the future with enthusiasm, believing that despite the growing requirements of sustainable development, climate change and the need to protect the environment, our commitment, cooperation with science, and business partners will continue to bring very good solutions to farmers.

We offer over 120 varieties of agricultural crops that are widely recognized and widely used by farmers.

Breeding new varieties

Hodowla Roślin Smolice runs breeding programs of maize, wheat, rye, barley, oilseed rape, field peas and lupine.

We are motivated by a passion for creation supplemented with the latest technologies and breeding methods, with ongoing cooperation with scientists, with our knowledge, experience and many hours spent in laboratories and selection nurseries. We consider the combination of these elements to be the key to success in plant breeding. Thanks to this, every year our new improved varieties get to the Register of Varieties and the existing domestic and international competition is an exciting inspiration for our work.

To effectively meet the growing expectations of users of our varieties, we are constantly modernizing our laboratories and breeding techniques, implementing new genetic materials, testing them in diverse environments and shortening the breeding process, also through winter nurseries in Chile, Mexico and South Africa.

Seed production and trade

In order to meet the market demand for the seeds , Hodowla Roślin Smolice cooperates with highly specialized farms and the best seed companies. The seed material is available in distribution networks throughout Poland. Seeds of our varieties are appreciated and willingly grown by farmers also outside our country, including in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and France, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Finland.

HR Smolice annually sells about 10,000 tons of seeds for further seed reproduction and for the needs of commodity production. We meet the growing requirements of the seed market by offering top quality seed material of our varieties.


Seed production on a large area requires professional operation, harvesting seeds at the right time for a given variety, high efficiency of agricultural machinery, efficient logistics and production efficiency. We are constantly modernizing equipment for cleaning, drying, treatment and packaging of seeds, as well as storage facilities, so we can meet and even exceed market requirements in terms of quantity and quality.

The company has implemented the European ESTA treatment quality control system, which formally confirms our diligence in the preparation of treated seeds.

Our Offer


The company is a national and regional leader in breeding maize varieties and their seed production. Currently it offers about 50 varieties of fodder maize for all types of use. In Poland, almost 1/3 of the cultivation area of maize is sown with varieties from Smolice. Many varieties are highly appreciated on international markets.

Our varieties


Nimba, Wilga, Prosna, San, Wiarus, Reduta, Glejt, Blask, Opoka, Dumka, Kresowiak, Jawor, Smolik, Smolitop, Vitras, Lokata, Rywal, Smolan, Ułan, Skarb, Kosynier, Kosmal, Konkurent, Rosomak, Legion, Tonacja, Kanonier, Podlasiak, Juhas, Koneser, Bogoria, SM Jubilat, SM Hetman, SM Hubal, SM Zawisza, SM Ameca, SM Prezent, SM Finezja, SM Popis, Fortop, SM Kurant, SM Polonez, SM Pokusa, SM Pomerania, SM Podole, SM Boryna, SM Piast


Hodowla Roślin Smolice continues fruitful breeding works on creating better and better cereal varieties for Polish and European farmers to meet the requirements of a changing climate and market rigors. Thanks to the use of unique breeding materials, modern infrastructure, know-how and the passion of our breeders, we regularly offer new varieties of spring and winter cereals, such as winter and spring wheat, winter spelta, winter and spring barley, winter and spring rye. We are the only ones in Poland to create durum wheat varieties adapted for cultivation in Central Europe.

Our varieties


winter wheat: Belissa
spring wheat: Raweta, Ostka Smolicka, Jarlanka, Fala, Eskadra, Merkawa
winter durum wheat: Ceres, SM Metis
spring durum wheat: SMH87
winter spelta wheat: SM Orkus


winter barley: Brosza, Bażant, Bartosz
spring barley: Boss, Bryl, Blask, Rubinek, Rufus, Bordo, Raskud, Rubaszek, Ringo, Rezus, Brandon


winter rye: Bosmo, Rostockie, Agrikolo, Słowiańskie, Horyzo
hybrid rye: Stach, Tur
spring rye: Bojko, SM Ananke, SM Elara

Legumes, oilseed rape and others

Our legume breeding program is highly effective and widely appreciated. We currently offer over 30 varieties of field peas and white, yellow and narrow leaved lupines. In addition, we conduct breeding work on winter rapeseed varieties, also in cooperation with other breeding facilities. Our offer is supplemented with millet and white mustard.

Our varieties



Narrow leaved lupin:

Zeus, Graf, Kalif, Neptun, Regent, Dalbor, Oskar, Heros, Wars, Lazur, Koral, Tytan, Jowisz, Neron, Roland, Homer, Bazalt

Yellow lupin:

Puma, Lord, Perkoz

White lupin:

Butan, Boros

Field pea:

Milwa, Muza, Mentor, Model, Mecenas, Medyk, Mandaryn, Mefisto

Winter oilseed rape:

Bazyl, Bakara, Brendy, Bazalt

White mustard:

Bamberka, Warta

Partnership in business

We strongly focus on mutually beneficial cooperation with market partners, on reliability, respect for principles and transparency as well as integrity in settlements.

Taste and enjoy our varieties!


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